Press Release: Ella Arrives in Australia
Ella Arrives in Australia Book Cover

Press Release: Ella Arrives in Australia

Ella Arrives in Australia is the first book in the new Ella’s Aussie Adventures children’s book series. Scheduled for release on 24 February 2021. Written by author Sheree Chambers, and illustrated by Nohya Muhammad. Each book in the series will focus on a different aspect of Australia including, nature, landscapes and history.

The books in this series are alphabetical and use a combination of verbs and nouns to introduce each subject. The first introduction to the series is Ella Arrives in Australia, and upcoming adventures include Ella Boils a Billy and Ella Chases a Cassowary.

“The title character, Ella, is a little girl who wants to go on an adventure to explore a foreign land,” says author Sheree Chambers. “Readers are invited to join Ella and her bunny on her first adventure as she arrives in Australia.”

“I’m excited to be partnering with some children’s educators and preparing a teacher’s companion that will be available with each book,” Sheree continues, “these companions will include both individual and class lessons.”

This series focuses on helping young children discover Australia in an engaging and unique way. Ella Arrives in Australia will be available in both paperback and hardback on all major online retailers. Pre-orders are now available on Ella’s Aussie Adventures website

The Author Sheree Chambers is Australian born and lives in Newcastle NSW. Sheree is the founder and director of digital design agency Brugel Creative, the 2019 winner of the Hunter Regional Business Award for an internet-based business. Sheree has previously self-published Teen Fantasy Novel, Resistance, under her maiden name Sheree Brugel. The Ella’s Aussie Adventures series is inspired by Sheree’s daughter, Elliot, who is an Australian-born girl with a spirit of adventure and exploration.

Advanced reader copies and complimentary review copies can be ordered from the author, Sheree Chambers, Author of Ella’s Aussie Adventures series. Visit the website for further details: